Kansas State Fiddling & Picking Championship

2021: Sunday Performers

Exact start times are approximate!

Spencer & Rains

Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains are both fiddlers, guitar-players, and singers who preserve and build upon the traditions of their home states of Texas and Kansas. The husband and wife duo are known for their distinct twin fiddling and close-knit vocal harmony. Both multi-instrumentalists, they are steeped in family musical tradition and are dedicated to the preservation, performance, and sharing of old time music. They are also both artists, Howard in watercolor and Tricia in pen and ink, and their artwork weaves in closely with their music.

Jenna & Martin

The Cosmic Western Duo of Jenna & Martin combineclassic country sounds, bluegrass techniques, gospel harmonies, and rock rhythms to make their unique sounding Cosmic Western music.

Both Jenna & Martin are multi-instrumentalists and their live show incorporates a wide range of different instruments including guitar, pedal steel, banjo, foot pedals and saxophone. At their live shows you are likely to see favorite classic cover songs by Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Gram Parsons, Emmy Lou Harris, Kitty Wells, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and many more. The duo brings their vintage inspired Cosmic Western vibes wherever they go and deliver a high-spirited performance every time.

Jenna & Martin met as banjo players at Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, Kansas. Martin was working on recording his debut album and Jenna had dreams of recording an album. Since then the duo has released both of those albums, Martin’s called “Tales From the Outer Country” and Jenna’s “Workin’ Woman”. Both were produced by Martin. The duo released a holiday E.P. titled “Gingerbread” with three original holiday tracks in the winter of 2018 and are now recoding their first full length album together.

The Wakarusa Roundabouts

The Wakarusa Roundabouts are a stringband from Lawrence, Kansas. They share a love of the mesmerizing groove of a good old-time tune, driven by classic rhythms and lifted by the power of twin fiddles. Featuring Trey Durkin and Kit Cole on fiddle, Jeanie Wells on banjo, Matt Kappenman on guitar, and Virginia Musser on bass.


The New Time Bards

A transplant from Appalachia, fiddler Shawn Craver hung out with Wichita, Kansas ocarina player Lucas Anderson for several weeks before realizing they shared a strong musical connection. They became fast friends, but Shawn didn't want to jam with Lucas at first because he was "skeptical of the ocarina." But when the friends finally jammed Shawn found that Lucas learned the Appalachian fiddle tunes, "Phenomenally quickly." Shortly after, the duo began playing gigs and later found they had a West Virginia connection with both their grandfathers hailing from central West Virginia.

​The duo began playing gigs in Wichita back in December as The New Time Bards and feature pre-bluegrass Appalachian songs and fiddle tune duets on the fiddle and ocarina. Within a couple months The Bards recorded their version of Gid Tanner and the Skillet Licker's, "Soldier, Won't You Marry Me." The duo performs some of Shawn's original songs as well.

​Now the New Time Bards play every Friday in Wichita at a local juice bar aptly called Songbird and at a watering hole called Peerless in downtown Wichita for happy hour. The duo have a strong local fan base developing and joke that they are "the hottest fiddle and ocarina duet in the country."




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